“Having them as part of our team had allowed us to do our business more efficiently.”

“I interviewed several different IT companies and was lucky enough to have chosen Compass Computer Group to attempt to stop the insanity.  I ultimately chose them because of their strong medical/dental background and I have been absolutely thrilled with the level of service we have consistently received for years now. Our staff including, our surgeons know our service technician personally and call him in the blink of an eye if he is needed.  Compass orders all of our software, completely outfitted our newest surgical office (even for our sterile surgical rooms), has established a private Internet connection to each PC and can log-in from their own system to do many of the necessary repair operations.  Most impressively, our service technician has worked to learn our Oral Surgery software and he works directly with OMSVision by phone to troubleshoot and solve our software based issues.  If there is any question that cannot be adequately dealt with remotely, he is at one of our offices immediately.  And I mean, extremely quickly!  I could not be happier knowing that he is cc-ed on all of our Internet based services such as our backups, our virus protection and even our phones.  I am being very serious when I say that he has actually been waiting in the parking lot in the early morning if he has been made aware that something with our network is amiss. We are currently on a maintenance contract with them that I feel to be reasonably priced and worth every penny.  I would not hesitate to recommend Compass Computer Group for any and all of your IT needs.  The cost and quality are both excellent, but it’s their good people that make all the difference to us.  I know Doyle the owner has proven to be an extremely moral person.  He has made a mission no doubt of finding like minded people with which to work. I simply and honestly must say that they are one of the best business partners we have ever chosen.  Having them as part of our team had allowed us to do our business more efficiently than ever and it has taken a huge load off of my shoulders.  I no longer worry about the state of our IT or if our backups of PHI are being done correctly and within our privacy parameters.  I have complete confidence that you would find the same to be true if you choose to utilize their services.”

Heathyr Z. Director of Operations

“We have a dedicated IT person who knows our system.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend Compass, because the entire team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our center, and quickly responds to all calls.  We have a dedicated IT person who knows our system and took the time to educate himself on our software.   The most valuable reason to me is the comfort of knowing that an experienced person will handle any and all IT concerns quickly. If there are going to be any additional costs, I know up front what is covered and what the extra cost will be.”

Jeannine A. Administrator

“As our needs have expanded, Compass has been there to help transition us”

“We have been working with Compass Computer Group on our computing needs for more years that I can recall and always have received prompt, professional and peerless service from the crew at Compass. As our needs have expanded, Compass has been there to help transition us - we rely on efficient computing access every business day and are pleased to have Compass to lean on, in this ever changing business climate. We certainly would recommend Compass for all your needs as well.” 

Mike A. Vice President

“You make it possible for us to function without an internal IT department”

“Thank you again for all your help, you make it possible for us to function without an internal IT department and you all are great to work with.”

Mary P. Chief Operating Officer

“Compass was onsite within an hour”

“I have used Compass before for service that was not an emergency.  Our most recent service was an emergency and Compass was onsite within an hour to resolve the issue.  The service technicians were not only knowledgeable and efficient, but also very personable.  They immediately put us as ease.  It is reassuring knowing we have an IT company so close to us.”

Mark D. Owner

“Compass has been highly responsive and proactive”

“Service has been excellent. Compass has been highly responsive and proactive in monitoring our activity to find problems before we are aware that there is a problem. Our technician has been excellent in servicing our account and is patient in explaining technical issues in a manner that we can understand.”

Doug W. Chief Financial Officer

“Thank you for your fast response and excellent service”

“I want to thank you for your fast response and excellent service. When our system crashed, I thought we were lost but you came through. In just a short while, you recaptured the data we thought was lost, and we're now back on our feet. Again, thanks ever so much for your incredible skills and thoughtful staff.”

Mark P. President