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Sometimes, Tech Can Teach a Lesson

I had just walked in from school, and my Mom came out of the kitchen very excited. “Put down your books,” she sang, “because I have a surprise.” This had never happened before, so I was more than a little ...

Survey Shows How Employees Working Remotely Affects Business

Tens of millions of workers have been forced to work from home as the COVID-19 virus rampages around the globe. That has naturally increased reliance on internet connectivity and disrupted a number ...

Microsoft Issues Update To Fix User Printing Problems

Microsoft hasn't had great luck with its Windows 10 updates in recent months. Often, in their quest to improve the OS in one area, they inadvertently break something else. The company's June ...

Major T-Mobile Outage Was Not A DDOS Attack

Rumors were recently swirling around cellphone carrier T-Mobile. Fears were running rampant that a massive DDOS attack may be underway on the heels of a major outage. The rumors spread like wildfire ...

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Intel Steps Up Game With CPU-Level Malware Protection

Tech companies both big and small are always looking for new ways to protect their customers from the threat of malware.While that's not something that hardware vendors are known for, Intel has ...

Update Fix For VLC Media Player Security Bug Now Available

Do you use the VLC Media Player to watch downloaded movies and other videos? If so, be aware that researchers have discovered a serious security flaw in the code that allows for ...

Credit Card Data Breach Affects Popular Jewelry And Accessory Store

Claire's Jewelry and Accessories is the latest company to fall victim to hackers. According to a recent disclosure made by the company, both the retail giant's main website, and the website of ...

Watch Out for Fake YouTube Channels Asking For Bitcoin

A group of highly organized scammers have commandeered a pair of Youtube channels and renamed them to "SpaceX Live" and "SpaceX" in order to capitalize on the popularity of Elon Musk and ...

I Am Not Computer Savvy.

I have heard that phrase many times over the last couple of years. “I am not very computer savvy.” That phrase has come from friends, as they point their phone problem out to me, as well as professionals that have ...


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