Moore’s Law
In 1965, Gordon Moore extrapolated that computing power would increase, while space and cost would decrease. Circuit miniaturization became more exponential, and computers became more powerful.
The first IBM would take up an entire room, and one could not access it accept from a terminal that was bigger than the desk in which I am sitting. Eventually, smaller computers were on every desktop and have progressed to the point that they are able to fit in our pockets. The smart phone you carry and use your GPS on is more powerful than the computers that took men to the moon.
Ultimately, our phones are more software than they are hardware. There was a fad in the 1990’s to create smaller phones, but people were losing them more than they were losing their car keys. Flip phones made one feel like they were on Star Trek, while still meeting the challenge to make science fiction a reality.
Today, those that use technology probably don’t talk about Moore’s Law that often, if at all. None the less, it is a process that continues to happen and sometimes it hits and sometimes it misses. A miss? Flexible screens. They continue to work on that technology. A hit? Improved phone cameras. The shape of phones have not changed in probably the last 5 years, but the software continues to improve and do more work for us. My phone is my phone, my calendar, my browser, my road map, my radio, my alarm clock, and my TV…amazing software.
One should look for those that do understand where technology has been and where it is going. I would plug Compass Computer Group into that search. How can we make this happen for our business? Compass can help. I don’t understand how this works. Compass does and will set it up. It isn’t working correctly. Compass will fix it and support you.
Moore’s Law continues, and that is interesting for those of us that tinker with technology. But of those that don’t care to tinker, there should be only one Law. That is Compass Computer Group’s Law. Direction. Help. Kindness. Support.