When I decide to eat at McDonalds, and they ask if I want fries with that meal and I tell them yes. Then when the fries are ice cold and I pulled around to ask for fresh, hot fries…they roll their eyes at me?

That is what good service is NOT.

When I take my car in for service because it has a check engine light on. When I pick it up, I point out that there are more warning lights on now than what I came in with, they give a big sigh and tell me they are busy, and it is going to be a few days.

That is what good service is NOT.

When I go into the computer repair shop to check on my computer because they said it would be ready 3 days ago, and I watch them lie to another client on the phone about when their repair would be ready, that is what good service is NOT.

When I call in for service support and they hang up on you because they could not fix the issue.

That is what good service is NOT.

When I call for service and the auto answer is telling me that my call is important, and I realize that I have been on hold for 1 hour and 20 minutes. That does not make me feel very important, and that is what good service is NOT.

When support tells you, they do not handle that service and you must call another number…but they are closed…you know what that is NOT.

What good service IS.

It is when the phone is answered…happily...warmly. That is Compass.

It is when the client is not an interruption, but an opportunity. That is Compass.

Good service is when problems are solved. That is Compass Computer Group.

It is when technical support supports you with your technical problem. That is Compass Support.

It is when your Managed Support System handles all technical problems and tells you that you called the right place.
That is what Compass Computer Group is…what good service IS.