I have heard that phrase many times over the last couple of years. “I am not very computer savvy.” That phrase has come from friends, as they point their phone problem out to me, as well as professionals that have 20 workstations and a server that they have to worry about. Savvy is one those words that I have probably used 100 times and could not have given you the definition if asked. So, I looked it up.


Savvy: NOUN  ~shrewdness and practical knowledge; the ability to make good judgments.
"the financiers lacked the necessary political savvy"
synonyms: shrewdness · astuteness · sharp-wittedness · sharpness · acuteness

It was an interesting observation to me. One that does not feel they have a computer savvy are saying that do not have a practical knowledge of computers. That is likely a correct statement. There is a magic to how something works until we receive an education on that something. I do not have a practical knowledge of how my car works when I push on the gas pedal. I know that when I push the pedal…the car goes. When I push the pedal farther…the car goes faster. Magic. When I push on the gas pedal and the car does not move at all or barely…bad magic, and I know something is wrong and I call a mechanic. Sometimes, I will ask why, and they tell the reason is a fuel pump. Now I have no intention of replacing my own car parts. I like that my mechanic is mechanically savvy, so I do not have to add that to my brain. Sometimes I do not ask because my brain does not have room that day, and I want my car to run when I want it to run.
Not having car savvy, or smartphone savvy, or computer savvy is not, in any way, a negative thing. Sometimes we just want our technology to do what we want it to do when we want it to do it. When it does not…our day can stop being productive, and start becoming frustrating. So, when that happens, we want those that are savvy in these things to fix it.
Compass Computer Group is as savvy as savvy can be. A quality provider will educate and recommend the best technology needs for the company they are servicing. That is Compass. A quality Managed Service Provider (MSP) that creates proactive services to reduce a chance error. When that error does happen, a quality provider will find out why, and find the answer as to how to avoid it in the future. That is Compass.
A Senior Citizen friend of mine asked me to look at his phone. I held out my hand. He placed a flip phone from the early 90’s in my palm and looked down at his shoes. “I am so technically-logically challenged,” he whispered so others could not hear. I grinned at the invention of the new word and the flip phone. It was something that I could have handled in 1 minute and handed the phone back to him. I must admit that I have done that, and I found that is just not the way to support relationships. So, I sat with him, and I explained the phone. I helped him correct the problem himself patiently…quelled his confusion and showed him again how to solve the problem. Sometimes one just wants the problem fixed. Sometimes one wants, education, support, and patience. That is Compass.

Written by: Dale Hansen, Director of Marketing